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About Jason Frost

Overcoming challenges and learning to face life with my full being has made me who I am today. With a background of struggle with addiction, violence and overall depression, life/love has brought me to a path of peace. Having seen many of those who stayed in the struggle killed, I am motivated to share the gifts I have gained in walking away from my own ignorance and walking through my fear. This experience has strengthened the light in me and I continue to meet challenges and healing needs. Though, at the core, I know I am whole; I know I am love and essentially one with my Creator. My path has been one of unfolding; of opening as fully as possible to the light. This light has touched me and become my true identity. Having acquired many experiences of healing, awareness and spiritual tools, I offer my life and my whole self to service and to love. As some may see love as weak, I see love as synonymous with power and truth. Healing myself has led me to become a healer, teacher and writer. I began writing unavoidably as answers to deep questions were flooding through me. I wrote and wrote, probably more notebooks than could fill up a house. This opened up the channels for guidance to flow through me. In my work with others, I have come to see that with enough desire and sincerity, anything can be healed. I am humbled and grateful to serve in this way as a mirror, reflection and challenger to see deeper truths. I am grateful for all the healing, awareness and awakening that comes as a result of joining with high intention. So much more to share of my path. Perhaps I can get to know you and you me, in the moment, through my writing or some synchronistic coming together. It is when we’re in right alignment with our truest calling that miracles appear in our lives. Often the greatest miracles are when we join in the highest of ways. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (I speak my truth… Peace to all my relations; all beings) Jason
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